August 26, 2016 By Nick Lemau Off

Radio Life

Do you remember the radio? You know, before iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. Back when you would have to turn a dial and try to find the perfect position to hear your favorite song with the least amount of static.

Those situations could produce frustrations that left you angry. I can remember being in Jr. High and my whole life was about music. I would be in bed at night, headphones on, and listen to the radio for hours.

Half of the time I would be listening happily, and the other half I would be fighting with the radio frequency. I would get angry because my favorite song would come on and then all this static would happen and I could not hear the song clearly. (random mariachi music would interrupt the frequency)

You have to remember that there was no option to just click a button and play the song again. You would wait hours sometimes until the station played your song again!

Life sometimes feels like a radio to me. There are so many voices (stations) available to tune into. Some of them tell me I need to be more successful, or make more money.

Others stations tell me I need to move away because living in the Bay Area is too expensive to raise my family (average house cost one million dollars)

Some of these voices tell me that I will be happy if I have a girl friend (the problem with that idea is im happily married)

You see, when I would listen to the radio, I had one station I wanted to hear. Yes, there were many stations to choose from, but only one station offered what I needed.

The Bible tells us to “walk in the Spirit” To “walk in the Spirit” is essentially to “walk with” the Spirit, allowing Him to guide my steps and conform my mind.

The Holy Spirit is that one station that I need to hear from in my life. I need to tune into the right frequency and fight through the static to hear clearly. I don’t care what the other stations offer, I know the one I need.

Many radio hosts have a sign off phrase at the end of their program. If Jesus had one I think it would be the words found Matthew 11:15 “He who has ears to hear, let him hear

I have learned that in order to tune into the Spirit I have to abandon the other stations. A sure way to tune in clearly to the Spirit is through steady time in God’s Word, and persistent time in Prayer.

“Fight through the static, tune in to the right station, and enjoy”